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Fire Equipment | 3 Winning Strategies To Create A Fire Safe Home

Losing your home and possessions in a fire can be devastating, so you naturally want to be as safe as possible to stay protected from any damage. Well-conditioned and working fire equipment could potentially save you and your possessions from a dangerous fire, but you'll likely want to prevent a fire from occurring in the first place. This guide is designed to equip you with winning strategies to create a fire safe home.

Check The Smoke Alarm Regularly

There's no point of having a smoke alarm if it doesn't work, so be sure to check it regularly to ensure that it works in the event of a fire emergency. Many modern smoke alarms come with test buttons, so you can press them every once in a while to test their functionality. If you press the test button and hear no sound, then it may be time to change the batteries. If the smoke alarm goes off, avoid taking out batteries. Instead, wait for it to automatically turn off.

Cook Carefully With Fat

If you're cooking any food with fat, keep in mind that fat can easily set on fire, so you must be extra careful. Ideally, you should always stay in the kitchen when you cook with fat to prevent any untoward fires from starting. If the fat becomes too steamy or smoky, then turn off the fire and let the pan cool. Do not put water on fat because this will make the fire worse. Instead, remove oxygen from the fire by covering with another pot. Make sure you have fire equipment like extinguishers and blankets handy to put off the grease fire before it becomes worse. Dumping heaps of baking soda over a grease fire is also ideal because it smothers the fire by releasing carbon dioxide.

Check For Broken Wires And Plugs

Loose wires and broken plugs can cause high-impact electrical fires in your home, so you must ensure that they are in excellent condition throughout. Check your wires and plugs to ensure that nothing is loose, broken, charred or damaged. If you notice any, remove the plugs from the socket and call a professional electrician. You may need to get your wires and plugs replaced if they are too old. Alternatively, an electrician can diagnose and fix the problem if you have any loose connections with your wires and plugs.

Follow these winning strategies to create a fire safe home and make sure that you have functional fire equipment at all times to control any unexpected fires.